Linguistic Reordering in the Translation of Azher Jerjis’ Al-Nowm Fi Haql al-Karz using Malone's Model of Cultural Alignment

Document Type : research article


1 Department of Arabic Language and Literature, Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University, Tabriz, Iran.

2 Department of Arabic Language Translation, Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University, Tabriz, Iran.



Linguistic reordering is one of the most significant issues in translation studies, especially in translating linguistic concepts. The study shows well the new rearrangement and reordering of words and complicated linguistic structures to understand better their main meaning. Reordering, introduced by Joseph Malone for the first time, is a strategy for filling the gaps of target audience’s knowledge because of narrative and stylistic differences. It is segmenting complex linguistic structures that consist of such issues as cultural, political, and social issues and are formed as matching, zigzagging, recrescence, repackaging. This study used a descriptive-analytical method to assess the reordering approach used in linguistic processes of Al-Nowm Fi Haql Al-Karz (The Sleep in Cherry Garden), as the basis of this novel consists of the cultural norms and cultural and social issues related to the characters of the novel in addition to the myths and historical issues. The writer’s attention to such context needs to be assessed by the reordering approach. The translation of this novel written by Mohammad Hezbaie zadeh – Khuzesani translator and journalist- in Persian language. in this work, the translator has paid attention to the linguistic salient features and specific cultural idioms of this novel. The translator has been reorded of the proverbs and the folk tales compared with destination culture in translation. The examination of the approach in this novel showed that the adjustment in any of the linguistic processes in the examples extracted from the novel, the cultural, political, and social representatives has been reflected in the performance of characters and their linguistic norms.


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