1. Are authors required to pay a submission fee for the review or publication of their manuscript?

Yes, reviewing and publishing manuscripts are 400 Toman in the Journal of Foreign Language Research.

2. How long does the review process take?

The actual time depends on the reviewers’ response time and the review process, but on average, it takes approximately two weeks.

3-How could authors follow up on their manuscript submission?

   A- They can log into the journal website via their username and password and follow up on the review process.


    B- They can email the journal office:  jflr@ut.ac.ir

4-How should manuscripts be submitted to the journal?

All manuscripts should be submitted electronically; to submit new manuscripts, authors are requested to follow these steps:

    • register in the journal submission system


    • enter the names of all authors


    • upload all starred files, the commitment letter, and the conflict of interest form


5-How does the manuscript review process work?

First, the manuscript is presented in the editorial board meeting to determine whether it is in line with the journal aims and scopes. In the second step, the manuscript will be examined by two members of the Editorial Board. Next, the manuscript will be anonymously sent to two reviewers. In case of the need for major or minor revisions, the manuscript will be sent back to the author(s) to perform the requested revisions. Upon the receipt of the revisions by the journal, the manuscript will be sent once again to the reviewers; if the manuscript is accepted, it will be sent for publication.

6-What does the “in review process” status of my manuscript mean?

If the manuscript is in the initial or final review stages, this means that the reviewers’ answers have been received and will be sent to the author via email and the journal website after final approval in the Editorial Board meeting; in such cases, please be patient and do not contact the journal office.

7-How is the acceptance letter issued?

The corresponding author will receive the acceptance letter from the journal submission system after the final acceptance of the manuscript. In case of the need for the journal’s signature or official emblem, the corresponding author can send a request through email to the journal office.

8-Is it possible to change the names of the authors after the submission of the manuscript?

No. According to the commitment letter, the names and name order of the authors cannot be changed after the initial submission of the manuscript. Please be careful when submitting the names of the authors.

9-Can I have a paper copy of the article or the journal?

No, the journal does not have a print edition.

10-What should I do if I forget my username and password for the journal website?

Click on “Login” at the top left corner of the journal Homepage. Then, click on “ Forgot my password.” You will be asked to enter your email address. Once the email address is submitted, you will receive an email authorizing you to change your password.

11-Can I submit my manuscript to several journals?

No, submitting the manuscript to several journals at the same time is unethical. If such action is taken by the author(s), the manuscript will not be published in the journal, or if it has already been published, it will be retracted. The author(s)’ name(s) will then be blacklisted by the journal and no other articles will be accepted from them. In addition, the name(s) of the author(s) will be provided to the Ministry of Education due to the violation of publication ethics.