The Study of the Influence of Rehearsal Strategies and Phonological Awareness Training on Iranian Students Ability in Foreign Vocabulary Learning



The main purpose of this semi - experimental study was to examine the effects of rehearsal strategies training on second language vocabulary learning . In particular , four training methods were examined : ( a ) vocal rehearsal , ( b ) subvocal rehearsal , ( c ) vocal and subvocal rehearsal, and ( d ) no rehearsal . One hundred and sixty - two undergraduate freshmen ( four intact classes from four fields of study ) at Hormozgan University participated in this study . Pretest and post - test vocabulary checklists were administered and the ANOVA analyses was conducted to identify any significant difference among the four groups . The results indicate that all three methods resulted in significant vocabulary gains . Furthermore , the difference between vocal rehearsal and subvocal rehearsal was not significant ; the participants in the third method did significantly better than the others .