Investigating Iranian French Language Teaching Graduates’ Perceived TPACK during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Document Type : research article


Department of French Language and Literature Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


This study investigates Iranian graduating French Language Teaching .Master's of Arts students’ self-perceived Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (T P A C K) to gain an insight into their preparation for their professional teaching career based on T P A C K’s seven sub-components, and understand the way in which their perceived T P A C K is related to the type of teaching training received, as well as prior teaching experiences. The data were collected through an electronic questionnaire (Baser et al, 2016), composed of 39 questions regarding T P A C K’s seven sub-components. Forty-eight Iranian pre-service French Language instructors responded to the questionnaire. Results indicated that in general, participants have a positive assessment of their T P A C K, although improvements could be made in certain areas, such as the use of technology in interactive and collaborative language teaching and learning. In addition, while there was no significant relationship between type of teacher-training received and pre-service instructors’ perceived T P A C K, participants with prior teaching experience demonstrated higher Pedagogical Knowledge (P K) and Content Knowledge, (C K), which seems to suggest that these two knowledge areas are best developed through on-the-field teaching experiences, alongside theoretical coursework.


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