FLT in the Light of Culture Teaching Challenges



The idea that teaching a foreign language has a cultural dimension isn't new.This study is a review of literature on the importance of the synchronized teaching ofculture and language and the exising challenges in this area.Thispaper deals with questions like:what is the aim of teaching culture?What are the constituent components of culture?What aspects of culture should be taught and what is the role of familiar culture?In addition,it investigates the inhibiting factors that cause language teachers to refuse to teach culture.Results show that the relationship between language instruction and teaching culture depends onthe ultimate goal of teaching a foreign language and our interpretation of the cultural component.The research also shows that language teachers due to lack of time,lack of practical techniques and uncertainty about the aspects of culture which must be taught,as well as denial,avoidance and self-perceptions of learners and also the absence of appropriate content of textbooks,refuse to teach culture.