Review and Analysis of "the Song of the Reed" by Rumi Based on Systemic Functional Linguistics



In this paper we investigate Halliday's analytical approach of Systemic Functional Linguistics and explain concepts such as Ideational Metafunction,Interpersonal Metafunction,Textual Metafunction and material,verbal, behavioral,mental and relational processes.We then discuss the role of the Participants of Process,Actors,Inactive Persons,Carriers and Predicates,as well as the Circumferential Elements of the Lexical Plans from the point of view of Halliday.Based on this model,an analysis of Rumi's "the Song of the Reed" is subsequently offered.In this introductory poem to his well known Masnavi,Rumi has used 21 Relational Processes,13Material Processes,7 Verbal Processes,4Mental Processes and 3Behavioral Processes.In addition,Molavi has mostly used linking verbs. Participants of Processes in"the Song of the Reed" mostly include the reed,the poet, anyone, and the companion. Among these participants,the reed,the poet and anyone have a higher frequency of appearance.Circumferential elements of this poem include location, time and quality elements. Rumi has most used positive lexical plans,rather than negative categories in"the Song of the Reed".