The Role of Religious Presuppositions in the German Translation of the Holy Quran by Max Henning



Translation is under the influence of para-lingual factors on all lingual levels(lexicon,syntax,sound,etc.).One of these factors is the religious presuppositions that engage the mind in selecting equivalent words in the target language,which leads to the appearance of multiple translations of a single text.Throughout the centuries,some nations and organizations,in order to create a certain effect,have injected their own specific beliefs in translation.This article will study Max Hening's translation of the Holy Quran,which is one of the most significant translations in the twentieth century,and discuss the role of religious presuppositions in translation.The results of this study indicate that in addition to the general principles of translation,meaning the complete mastery of the source and target languages,mastery of scentific domains(which belongs to the original text),and fidelity,the influence of theological and doctrinal beliefs and assumptions also play a significant role in the selection and use of cerain words in the process of translation.The results of ....