Effectiveness of Information and Communication Technology on the Learning engagement and Academic Performance in the Conversation of the Arabic Language Curriculum

Document Type : research article


1 iran- tehran- Darvaze Dovlat st- kharazmi uni- literature @ human scientists faculty- literature @ language department

2 Academic staff/ Islamic Azad University of Sabzevar


This study investigated the effectiveness of information and communication technology (ICT) on the Learning engagement and Academic Performance in the conversation of the Arabic Language Curriculum. This study was Quasi and pretest-posttest with control group. The population included all undergraduate students of Arabic language and literature of Kharazmi University in first semester of 2018-19 academic year, Who selected conversation of the Arabic Language (27 individules) and this students (14 persons for experimental group and 13 persons for control group) were selected by random sampling method. The experimental group received ICT intervention during 0ne semester and control group trained using traditional teaching method. Data was collected using a questionnaire of learning engagement source of the questionaire scores point of students was used as the indicator of academic performance. The covariance analysis showed that ICT has increased Learning engagement and Academic Performance. According to the results using ICT in Arabic language training could be used as an effective intervention to increase Learning engagement and promote Academic Performance.